how to stop gambling on online slots

Online slots are games of chance where you place your money on symbols that line up to form a winning combination. The problem is that the game can be very addictive and lead to serious financial problems. Thankfully, there are ways to stop gambling on online slots and regain control of your life.

First, you must recognize that you have a problem. This isn’t easy, especially if you have lost significant amounts of money or strained relationships because of your gambling addiction. The second step is to make a commitment to change. You can do this on your own or with the help of a counselor or therapist. You can also seek professional treatment in an inpatient or residential program.

The third step is to find healthy, positive activities to replace the risky gambling behaviors you used to engage in. This can be as simple as spending more time with friends and family, exercising or taking up a new hobby. You can also volunteer at a local hospital or animal shelter to reduce stress, and work on increasing your feelings of gratitude.

Another important aspect of overcoming your gambling addiction is to know your triggers. These can be any situations, thoughts or feelings that cause you to gamble. These may be based on outside stresses or your own negative emotions such as depression, guilt or shame. Once you know your triggers, it’s easier to avoid them.

You should also set time limits for playing slots and make a budget before you start. It’s a good idea to keep your winnings separate from your gambling money, and you should never play more than what you can afford to lose. Besides, you should avoid chasing losses, which is when you gamble more to try and make up for previous losing sessions.

Lastly, you should remove gambling apps from your devices and stay away from websites that promote gambling. You can also use self-exclusion tools to block gambling sites and prevent access to them. In addition, you can also avoid casinos and other places where gambling takes place. You can also delete your account on any gambling site that you have an account with.

If you are not able to overcome your addiction to gambling on your own, you can also seek help from a therapist or counselor. You can also attend a support group for people with similar problems. During meetings, you can hear other people’s stories and find motivation to stop gambling.

Overcoming a gambling addiction is not easy, but it is possible to break the habit and live a happy, successful life again. You just need to be patient and stick with your plan. You will probably relapse on occasion, but that is okay. You just have to learn from your mistakes and continue to fight for your recovery. In the end, your efforts will pay off. You can also take advantage of new technologies like Google’s “Don’t Show Ads” feature to reduce gambling exposure. There are also national programs such as GamStop that offer self-exclusion services for online gambling.