The legality of online slot gambling in the United States isn’t an issue that’s as black and white as it may seem. While centuries of gambling aversion have kept many states out of the game, lawmakers are becoming more receptive to the benefits of legal and regulated gaming. As a result, state lawmakers now control the fate of online casinos in most jurisdictions.

It’s no coincidence that the first states to approve real-money iCasino games were those that already had brick-and-mortar casino operations in place. These states are able to see how an online market will impact their bottom lines without having to worry about the effects on local residents’ gambling habits. That’s not to say that local governments can’t help set the tone and push for new legalized gaming options, but they are largely limited to setting land-based rules and licensing. That’s why you’ll find that most states’ gaming legislation comes from their capitols and not the city halls, towns, and counties where most gaming decisions are made.

Currently, forty-eight states allow some form of gambling, including Nevada and New Jersey. Then there are those that only offer the lottery, like Hawaii and Utah, or have outright bans on most forms of gambling, such as Utah’s century-old blanket ban. Then you have those that are ready to take the plunge into regulated online casinos, such as Delaware and Michigan.

Colorado has only legalized sports betting, but it could be a while before online casinos are available in the state. That’s because DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM need to maintain partnerships with tribal casinos in the state first, which could make it difficult to launch a full casino online.

Alabama is another state where gambling online is not yet legal. It would require a constitutional amendment to pass before that could happen, and several legislative proposals have failed in recent years. In the meantime, you can gamble online on a variety of sports events on cruise ships that sail to the state.

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